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'I wanted an intense nutrition plan that had a workout option available with it, but the most important thing for me was the clarity of information and relevance of content matter - this product delivered just that. Waffle-free documents, accompanied by video links, FAQs and useful hints and tips that get straight to the point.'

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'Exactly what I was looking for! He tailored the program to fit my needs & dietary restrictions, and calculated it all down to the last calorie. He is very knowledgeable about the science behind fitness and nutrition and his resources reflect that. Any questions I had were answered fully and his response time was very fast. Definitely recommend!'

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'Working with Luke is more than success. I recommend and encourage anybody who needs results to invest few bucks in his Extreme Fat loss program. I tried so many plans for diet and workouts, but this experience with Luke, get my results fast! He is so detailed, fast responding and very professional.'

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Working out has always been the key to achieving that lean body seen on TV, but the most overlooked component is the meal plan. It is the factor that allows you to cut not only fats and building muscles, but dramatically reduce the time needed for the results.

Knowing what and when to eat seems to be the hardest for everybody, which causes the lag in achieving significant results. This knowledge, if paired correctly with the right intensity of the workouts, leads to unbelievably quick and amazing results.

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How It All Started?

Before I started my YouTube channel a few years ago, my engineering job took its toe on my fitness and I started neglecting my body due to time constraints.

This is when I decided to do the first 30 Days Challenge in 2014 to get back in shape. It worked amazingly well. Then I slowly tried to perfect it, so I repeated the challenge to test and the results...

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Learn directly from me on the spot. I will teach you* everything you need to know for nutrition and fitness, and how to successfully transfer it to your daily life without any hassle. You are a click away from the body of your dreams. *both male and female

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